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  • Ethiopia is progressing towards universal coverage of HIV diagnosis, treatment and viral suppression of persons living with HIV (PLHIV).
  • Routine assessment of the direction of the HIV epidemic through ongoing surveillance of newly diagnosed PLHIV remains essential.
  • Surveillance ensures that interventions targeted efficiently and effectively to those at highest risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV infection.
  • HIV case reporting and recency testing will provide information at the population-level:
    • Identify where new HIV infections are coming from.
    • Identify hot-spot locations and assess the risk behaviors to identify high risk sub-populations.
    • Monitor programs and inform targeted interventions.
  • To establish HIV case surveillance among newly diagnosed persons living with HIV to monitor the epidemic and inform the public health response.
  • Monitor epidemiological trends in newly identified HIV cases by demographics, behavior, mode of transmission, and recency of HIV infection.
  • Monitor trends of clinical status (WHO Stage, initial CD4, other opportunistic infections) at the point of diagnosis.
  • Monitor trends in linkage to services (e.g., same-day ART) at the point of diagnosis.